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Shoes for Shelters Foundation, Inc., develops fundraisers to assist women and children residents of metropolitan Atlanta homeless shelters with the purchase of new shoes. We provide retail gift cards that are distributed to shelters residents. The residents are then able to purchase shoes of their preferred size and color.

The Simple Things

They are sometimes taken for granted by the stable and privileged, but for the less fortunate, simple things go a long way. The resources and freedom to purchase new shoes, particularly during emotional and sentimental periods, such as Mother’s Day and Christmas, is a priceless and exhilarating gesture that is appreciated by victims of displacement and homelessness.

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Funds for Gift Card Distribution

Throughout 2016 Shoes for Shelters Foundation, Inc., will benefit from traditional donor-based fundraising efforts. Eighty percent of funds raised from traditional funding methods will be applied to gift card purchases. The foundation will also benefit from its annual event fundraiser, Holiday Charity Affair, which is funded through ticket sales.

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Get Involved Individually

The collective of grassroots support is at times just as impacting as corporate support. Your efforts count. You may support the mission and services of Shoes for Shelters Foundation by making a financial donation today, or donate blocks of retail gift cards of $20 denomination or more.

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Tell Your Employer

Employers may also make tax deductible donations, purchase a table to our Holiday Charity Affair, or donate gift cards for distribution to our shelter partners. Please consider referring your employer to us and we will provide the necessary documents for their consideration.

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